MNHD’s mission is to build not only structures and roads but thriving, active communities. The Sakr Koreish Housing Project was constructed by the Housing Association of Sakr Koreish, an agency of the General Union of Central Housing and Building Cooperatives (GUCHBC), in the late 1970s. After partial completion of the project in the 80’s, the housing association was faced with legal issues which halted the project. Despite being unfinished many residents had already moved in and due to the suspension of construction, Sakr Koreish was never formally handed over to government authorities. The areas undefined status has meant Sakr Koreish has never had access to basic services such as street paving, electricity, utilities and a garbage collection system.

Following a study commissioned by MNHD through the Center for Development Services (CDS) in 2010, three main areas for development were identified the garbage collection system, community participation and infrastructure.

As such, we are reaching out to disadvantaged areas that lack basic services and infrastructure. Sakr Koreish is one such area that is in dire need of assistance. Working with local residents, we’ve instated the area into the official garbage collection system and through a successful façade painting project, livened up the neighborhood.

Waste and rubble accumulation in the streets of Sakr Koreish is a growing concern. The low levels of service collection in the area and a growing population has led to piles of garbage in the streets growing faster than residents’ ability to cope.

In May 2011 based on the CDS recommendations MNHD launched the Sakr Koreish redevelopment program. To date the following major achievements have been made:

  • A waste-removal campaign was, hauling away huge amounts of construction waste in the ground floor shops of residential buildings and garbage from various areas of Sakr Koreish.
  • Garbage bins were distributed throughout the area to keep trash off the streets
  • A local contractor was employed to repaint the area
  • Several landscaping projects were implemented
  •  A playground has been designed along with a small garden to be planted next to one of the Sakr Koreish entrances.
  • Completion of street paving in select areas where retailers are present to support business growth
  • Street lights were installed along two main roads to provide additional security for residents