Fi Kul Shari’ Fi BIlady (In Every Street in My Country), is an NGO founded in the aftermath of the 25th January Revolution. The organization is comprised of professional engineers, architects and master planners seeking to contribute to the future of Egypt. The projects of Fi Kul Shari’ Fi BIlady adhere to international standards while preserving Egypt’s unique identity.

MNHD and Fi Kul Shari’ Fi Kul Bilady’s  common vision brought the two entities together, creating a partnership designed to support the development of impoverished areas of Nasr City. The organization coordinated with MNHD to carry out joint studies of several roads in Nasr City, identifying problems, developing solutions, and studying implementation costs.

MNHD recommended the “Mahdy Arafa” Street as the ideal pilot project and testing ground for the initiative. The street is a vital thoroughfare and offers a prime opportunity to develop solutions for a variety of problems that are common throughout the streets of Nasr City and the rest of Cairo.

Solutions will address:

  • The width of the street to facilitate the flow of traffic
  • The renovation of a traffic island running through various parts of the road
  • The need for bus stops
  • The presence of technical workshops and auto repair shops located on the older side of the street
  • A lack of suitable street furniture and appropriate pedestrian walkways
  • Enhancing the green areas and other open spaces.
  • Lack of parking

MNHD and Fi Kul Shari’ Fi Bilady are also reaching out to local residents who wish to participate in the renovation of this area. In an effort to reign in bad habits and preserve the cleanliness and beauty of their streets, a team of local residents will work to promote behavioral awareness in their neighborhoods.