Our Story

Founded in 1959 as a public real estate company, Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD) is a leading real estate development company in Egypt and has been publicly traded on the Egyptian stock exchange since 1995.

Initially MNHD was established with the primary objective of developing 40ml sqm of land in Nasr City as well as other nearby areas on the outskirts of Cairo. Since then, with a capable team of over 450 professionals, MNHD has developed mega projects and infrastructures across Egypt, serving the needs of thousands of middle-income Egyptians.

With its restructuring, MNHD has expanded its target audience to capitalize on potential opportunities in the upper end class of the real estate market.  Building on inherent capabilities and strengths of MNHD, the company has launched two new mega mixed use residential projects. To that end it has contracted the services of world renowned architecture companies to develop the master plan to align with their vision of creating a destination with all its facets rather than just another housing development project. Conforming to international standards Taj City is envisioned to be Cairo’s cultural destination and Sarai to be Cairo’s entertainment destination. The master plan of Taj City was developed by DDS & Partners, a renowned Belgian firm while the master plan of Sarai was developed by internationally recognized architectural firm Benoy.

As part of MNHD’s commitment to the development of Egypt and its local communities, the company uses its core expertise to support the development of communities in Nasr City. CSR initiatives are a key part of the company’s corporate philosophy.

About Us

Message From The Chairman

“In the coming years real estate is set to become one of the fastest growing industries in Egypt. In 2015 alone the industry has grown exponentially and we faced untold opportunities for growth. At this crossroads we must strive to embrace the new opportunities that now stand before us, providing excellence and leadership in every step of the way, so that we not only support this drive for growth, but also lead the way in providing industry expertise and innovation.”

In the coming years the real estate sector is expected to become one of the key economic drivers to Egypt's GDP growth. Meeting industry demands and population needs will be crucial to ensure healthy growth and at MNHD we recognize that. We already work to engage and serve a significantly over looked segment of society; the middle class, providing affordable housing options to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, rather than just the richest 1% of society. Our decades of experience give us the edge to understand the evolution of housing needs, overcoming present challenges and identifying those to come. Going beyond the everyday, we seek to provide exceptional solutions, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality, professionalism and sophistication.

As a company, we are dedicated to “bringing the home ownership dream to life; affordability, exceptional design and a unique blend of city and suburban life are the building blocks of MNHD communities. Building blocks that we plan to make accessible to families across Egypt.” As we continue to grow and develop we hope our vision will become the benchmark for the industry, helping us to lead the market to a brighter and more prosperous future.

Mohamed Hazem Barakat




To bring the home ownership dream to life through affordability, exceptional design and a unique blend of city and suburban life.


To establish MNHD as Egypt’s number one real estate developer for the middle-income sector, by offering innovative development projects that tap into the value and diversity of the company’s land bank, and offer diverse high-quality, affordable products, which maximize sustainable growth.

Executive Team

Bringing together decades of design, development and real estate management experience, MNHD’s executive team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow them to implement and sustain successful real estate projects across Egypt.
International expertise and outstanding track-records, coupled with a strong local know-how, allow the team to understand the intricate nuances of the real estate sector, addressing and anticipating future needs and demands.
The team operates according to a strict policy of corporate governance that involves a broader segment of the management in decision making, facilitating communication between the various levels of management and guaranteeing effective implementation.

Board Of Directors

Industry experts in their own right, MNHD’s diverse board of directors brings together a group of professionals from key real estate sectors providing a solid base for success and growth.

From private equity firms with a return-based perspective to the traditional mindset of public companies the board offers a fusion of perspectives, experience and expertise that ensures the preservation of all shareholders’ interests.

The board members are charged with implementing an ambitious plan which will maximize shareholders’ interests, working towards a more efficient and cohesive business model, maximizing company resources, efficiently monetizing company assets and developing those assets to achieve long term growth.